Kids Daily Activities

Day Care Activities for Under 2's Kids

Our daily activities will ensure that each child is developing and having fun through our various activities. The nursery has a separate sleep area and changing facilities.

The room is bright, cheerful and stimulating, and offers a caring and loving environment. The emphasis is very much on providing home from home care with lots of play, love and cuddles.

The children will have the opportunity to be creative through arts and crafts, explore different texture during sensory play and develop fine motor skills using the various equipment and toys. While the children are engaged in these activities they will begin to develop the skills needed for speaking, listening, sitting and walking. This will prepare the children for the transition to our toddler developmental programme.

Our toddler programme is designed to stimulate and give your child a chance to explore through age appropriate activities. We promote activities that will encourage the children to interact with their peers.

Angel Kidz Nursery & Preschool staff plan daily activities that include-creative, sensory, dramatic and cognitive play. We also focus on activities that will enhance the toddler’s fine and gross motor skills.